School Presentation

Educating the Children of Tomorrow 

Let's create a more sustainable environment by making change

Are you a teacher dedicated to enhancing your students minds at school? Are you environmentally conscious when it comes to disposing of waste? Are you teaching your students the importance of the waste hierarchy (Three R's)?

If so, we have a great program for you!

Our presentation consists of the following:

  • Introduction to ERA
  • About our Founder
  • Our Mission and Vision
  • Reuse Vs Recycle
  • What hazard materials are in each of your technology?
  • Our Programs and Community Initiatives
  • Service Overview
  • Partnerships
  • Pop Quiz and Prizes

We combine the visual and practical aids within each of our presentations, which keep the children engaged and interested in the topic at hand. We believe that the children of today are the future of tomorrow, so why not educate them! If your school is interested in ERA presenting and educating your students, please fill out the form provided.


Currently, only available in Canada.

Contact Us Today And Make A Difference In Your Community

Talk to us about becoming an Awareness Ambassador in your community, setting up your next charity fundraiser, or starting a community clean up event. Together, we can work towards a future with less e-waste.

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