5 Benefits of Computer Recycling

What do you do when you have an old computer in your hands? You can just throw it out in the dumpster, but you will be neglecting the benefits of computer recycling (as well as not being a very socially conscious person). 

Computer recycling is not in its infancy, but not enough people know about the benefits that come with it. People see it as merely another “environment trope” that they have to do. But as well as being hugely beneficial to the environment, there are a few critical reasons on which it can benefit you, your community, the economy and your fellow man. 

The Five Advantages Of Recycling Your Computer 

Hazardous For Our Health 

You might be shocked to know that the materials used in making computers can be quite hazardous. Lead is one of the prime materials used in electronics manufacturing, and it poses a considerable threat to everyday living. 

The EPA even backs this up, by saying that the excessive amount of lead that is released into the environment can cause severe damage to human blood, nervous system and kidneys. 

When e-waste gets dumped into everyday landfills, it will result in harmful chemicals being released in the air and the soil. And who breathes in the air to live? Everyone. Who needs fresh soil for the growth of plants? We do. Will the ground be contaminated and affect the water? Yes, it will. 

Long story short: poor computer and laptop recycling will lead to health risks for us. But if you get it done correctly at a company that is dedicated to helping the environment, then you’re reducing the impact of these materials affecting us. 

You Can Make Some Money Out Of It 

There are not a lot of electronic recycling companies out there that are willing to pay you money for your old computer (but then, who will?). But if you are lucky enough to find a company that offers monetary value for your old models, then you’re in luck (but you would be super lucky). 

However, many non-for-profit electronic recycling companies offer tax deductibles for items donated. It is up to you to determine the fair market value of your items to see what you can get. 

laptop recyclingMore Jobs For The Industry 

Computer recycling requires people to do the recycling. So, the more people recycle their old computers, the more need there is for people to run these processing plants and landfills. For every computer that has to be recycled, a person has to be available to do the job. 

Existing firms will look to employ more people to recover recyclable materials, while new businesses will start to ensure that demand is met. 

It’s a booming business that can help thousands of people get jobs and stimulate the economy to another level. 

Conserve Resources 

Many materials can be used from old computers, including various metals, plastic and glass. These materials can be used to make new products, thereby reducing the need to mine for new raw materials. This will conserve natural resources and maximize the potential for older materials to be used elsewhere. 

When someone chooses the recycle rather than throw out their old computers and laptops, they reduce the demand for new materials needing to be used. For example, the glass and plastic from computer monitors can be recycled for new monitors, while metals from computer circuit boards can be used for new models. The difference, in the long run, is hugely beneficial for both businesses and individuals. 

electronic recycling seattleSupports The Community

If you think that no-one is going to use your old computer, think again. Recycled computers can be remodelled and reused for many people that need the service. Think of all the schools, low-income families, and charitable organizations that could use an old computer to their benefit. 

In most cases, they would not have been able to spend the money on brand new computers. They would struggle to buy it, and they would be missing out on the chance to use a computer. But by computer recycling, you are helping provide technology to desperate people in your community that need it. 

When it comes to helping your community, the environment and your health, then start computer recycling in Seattle, and your home town today. Don’t let the opportunity to do some good go by. Use computer recycling to your – and the planet’s – advantage. 

The Electronic Reusing Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization that has been reducing unnecessary electronic waste since 2004. We reduce adverse environmental contribution through electronic recycling. Our mission is to protect the environment and build up communities by repurposing old electronics and donating computers, laptops, and other IT Equipment to deserving organizations in need of funding and support. Visit one of our drop off locations or give us a call today. Seattle: (206) 309-2805 | San Jose: (408) 804-4770.

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