What Parts Of The Computer Are Recyclable?

Computer recycling offers a variety of benefits. Not only is it valuable for the planet’s protection and keeping toxic substances out of landfills, but it can also be useful for a host of businesses and other organizations. If you break down what is inside a computer and how it can be useful for you, then you will realize the benefits that come with computer recycling in Seattle 

So next time you think about just throwing out your computer, remember to consider the positive benefits that come with computer recycling, and how the inside of the computer can be super useful in the future. 

How Computer Recycling in Seattle Can Be Super Useful  

What Materials Are Inside Computers?
What is inside a computer that makes it so valuable? While the model itself might not prove to be useful, the makeup inside is what makes it worthwhile. Computers and laptops are made from glass, plastic, ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals and circuit boards. There is also lead, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. If you add all these together, you get yourself a precious material that can be recycled. 

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What Specific Parts Can Be Recycled?
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that do not know the finer details of what components and materials can be reused from their computers. Here are some of the components that can be reused from your old computer: 

  • The CMOS battery inside your computer works to store information. It can be reused for another computer as a way to store data. 
  • The motherboards and cards within the computer are considered the “brains” of the computer and are highly reliable, so they can be reused for other computers. 
  • All the copper, silver and gold within the computers can be separated from their components and used again. 
  • CPUs are also filled with silicon and gold so the materials can be reused. 
  • The hard drive stores your data in a rigid magnetic disk, which is sealed with an aluminum housing. It can be used for other models down the line. 
  • If your computer has an optical drive, it contains a high level of metals, including steel, copper, and aluminum. All valuable materials that can be reused to make new computers. 

Such is the value of computers, that up to about two percent of the entire computer – all components of it – cannot be recycled. So that is 98% of convenient and reusable computer materials. 

Go For Traditional Electronic Recycling!
If breaking down and recycling the finer materials of your computer is too stressful for you, then go down the traditional electronic recycling route! There are companies that specialize in electronic recycling in Seattle that can handle your computers. 

They will either break down the components of the computer itself, and reuse the parts for other models, or hand off your computer to schools, churches, and community organizations that will happily put them to good use. They will even help with removing all data from the computer properly, so you know there is nothing left on your hard drive. 

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How You Can Reuse Your Computer
If you are not interested in recycling your laptop or computer, you can always look to reuse it in another way. Here are some ways you can go about it:  

  • Use your computer as a “second computer” for gaming, downloading or as a home server. You’ll still get to use your computer effectively without getting rid of it. 
  • Use the internal hard drive of your computer and turn it into an external hard drive to create additional storage. You will find that you have more room all of sudden. 

Without doing anything, you can reuse your computer as well as saving the environment from improper disposal.

The Electronic Reusing Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization that has been reducing unnecessary electronic waste since 2004. We reduce adverse environmental contribution through electronic recycling. Our mission is to protect the environment and build up communities by repurposing old electronics and donating computers, laptops, and other IT Equipment to deserving organizations in need of funding and support. Visit one of our drop off locations or give us a call today. Seattle: (206) 309-2805 | San Jose: (408) 804-4770 | 1.877.9EWASTE

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