5 Reasons Why You Need to Care About Electronic Recycling

The short lifespan of phones, laptops, and other electronic devices makes disposing of electronics a regular part of life. Maybe you’ve heard that you should throw away such devices or that it’s better to recycle them, but don’t know why it’s essential. Check out these five reasons to care about electronic recycling to find out.

Electronic Recycling Saves Natural Resources

Making products out of recycled materials or reusing devices means fewer items need to be made out of virgin materials. This lowers the need for mining, cutting down trees, and other activities that take materials from the earth.

Recycling Used Electronics Requires Less Energy

Electronic recycling reduces the demand for energy. Refurbishing used devices or recycling the materials from them uses less energy than producing new products.

Recycling Reduces Toxic E-Waste

E-waste is full of toxic elements, including lead, cadmium, mercury, and polyvinyl chloride. When used electronics are thrown away, these toxic materials seep into the environment and create big problems.

Old Electronics can Turn Into Useful Items

Responsible recycling of e-waste can produce many useful things. Many recycling programs begin by refurbishing old devices to make them usable again. Items that can’t be reused can be broken down and recycled to yield valuable resources. For example, the metal in a cell phone can be used to make cell phones, jewellery, metal plates, or other electronic devices.

Recycling Electronics Cuts Down on Pollution

Recycling old electronics reduces pollution in a couple of ways. First, reusing and recycling lowers the number of new products that need to be manufactured, and most manufacturing processes pollute the environment. Second, the incineration of waste is a source of pollution. Recycling old electronics cuts down on the amount of waste that gets incinerated.

Recycling old electronics is a great way to help protect the environment. Find a recycling program near you to get started.

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