Mooen Centre

Moeen Centre Receives Technology

Moeen Centre is a non-profit organization for physically and developmentally disabled individuals. In memory of Moeen Alam, an individual that suffered from such disabilities and lost his life at only the age of 18 in a house fire. His mother, Qaisar Alam was determined to honour Moeen’s legacy by introducing a centre that would offer individuals like Moeen the opportunity to learn and interact with others facing similar challenges.

Through the assistance of friends, family, volunteers and board members, Moeen Centre became a well-established organization that now hosts fundraising events, community workshops and seminars.

Moeen Centre

We were delighted to donate 2 desktop computers to this organization. They will use this donation within their office for the additional staff to work on.

Their Mission is to remove all barriers for individuals living with physical or developmental disabilities through our uniquely designed programs that offer and promote independence while reducing isolation.

For more information on this organization, please visit them here.

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